4.30pm Mon. May 9th Quaker Meeting House 7 Victoria Terrace Edinburgh EH1 2JL

Since 2010, there have been high-level international conferences about how catastrophic for humanity the use of nuclear weapons could be, speeding up climate change and contaminating the world with radioactive poison. United Nations General Assembly has set up an Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) to move towards a world without nuclear weapons. States will hear evidence and discuss the challenges in May at UN in Geneva.The UK Government refuses to participate, and Scotland’s Government does not represent a state in this context.

setsukoSetsuko Thurlow a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima will give evidence to the OEWG She is visiting the UK and will speak at a meeting hosted by Scotland’s for Peace.

This is an important opportunity for Scots to hear Hibakusha testimony and learn about the global ban that Westminster ignores, despite Scotland’s First Minister‘s support.

Scotlands’s for Peace has especially invited some young Scots – Setsuko was in her early teens when the first nuclear detonation initiated as an act of war devastated her home city. We hope that the ban will be achieved for them, and urge them to learn and remember.

Thirteen year old Setsuko was contributing to the war effort when the bomb exploded. She had togirlsetsukothurlow0153 witness many deaths, including that of her four year old nephew, crying for water, unrecognisable because his little body was so blackened and swollen. Setsuko made her home in Toronto, and had a career in clinical and educational settings in social work. Now in her eighties, she brings her experience as woman, worker, and mother to help ban all nuclear weapons and their catastrophic humanitarian consequences.

All are welcome to attend this event . Please RSVP by email.


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